Monthly Archives: October 2016

My Dissertation Journey of Prolonged Sitting and Standing Desks in Primary Schools

by: Phil Hoy Dissertation projects can be a stressful and worrying time for some third year students. However, for me it was an exciting prospect to delve and explore into something upcoming and exciting that could flip how we see and teach primary school classrooms.  It was when I watched (in my second year of […]

Active Schools Fundraising and Stand2Learn Webinar

Register: Active Schools Fundraising and Stand2Learn Webinar Chance to get a complimentary Stand2Learn desk + other prizes. Don’t miss this webinar! Fundraising the Active & Healthy Way! Want to help students improve health, engagement time, and standardized test scores? Interested in raising funds to purchase Stand2Learn desks?  Looking for a healthy way to fundraise? Join this webinar with […]