Common Misconceptions about Standing Desks

by: Paul Petrequin The advent and rise of standing desks in offices and schools around the country has been attributed to a desire for a healthier lifestyle in workplace and academia. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ has become the adage de jour, though the conclusions reached by health experts are nothing to dismiss: Sitting for […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

By: Tracy Jerard In December 2015, scientists published an article in the Sports Medicine journal providing an overview of the research on the use of standing desks in classrooms around the world.  The thirteen studies reviewed were conducted in Australia2, Belgium3, Finland4, Germany3, New Zealand5-7, the United Kingdom2 and the United States8-15. Many of these […]

Children around the world benefit from standup desks

by: Paul Petrequin So you’ve got your standing desk – great! Now what? Whether it’s the ergonomically and hyperbolically engineered wonder desk at your office or the pile of phonebooks and overturned box at home, you’ve gotten out of the death machine designed to kill you and into a better, healthier posture. But don’t let the elevation […]