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StandUpKids Provides $50K in Grants for Standing Desks To Public Schools

San Francisco, CA: is announcing the 10 schools that are the winners of $5,000 grants for classroom standing desks as part of their partnership with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Active Schools organization. StandUpkids also works in partnership with Stand2Learn, a standing desk company committed to children’s health. In June 2013, StandUpKids founders Juliet and […]

My Dissertation Journey of Prolonged Sitting and Standing Desks in Primary Schools

by: Phil Hoy Dissertation projects can be a stressful and worrying time for some third year students. However, for me it was an exciting prospect to delve and explore into something upcoming and exciting that could flip how we see and teach primary school classrooms.  It was when I watched (in my second year of […]

Active Schools Fundraising and Stand2Learn Webinar

Register: Active Schools Fundraising and Stand2Learn Webinar Chance to get a complimentary Stand2Learn desk + other prizes. Don’t miss this webinar! Fundraising the Active & Healthy Way! Want to help students improve health, engagement time, and standardized test scores? Interested in raising funds to purchase Stand2Learn desks?  Looking for a healthy way to fundraise? Join this webinar with […]

Don’t Have Standing Desks Yet? 4 Strategies For Teachers To Get Your Classroom Active!

By Nick Green M.S., BCBA Stand Up is fighting for our youth’s health one standing desk at a time. Our mission is clear: “The mission of StandUp Kids is to get every public school child at a standing desk in 10 years, to combat the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles and inactivity, and to better […]

StandUpKids Is Proud To Announce Partnership With Lets Move! Active Schools, Part of Michele Obamas Let’s Move! Campaign

Today, Let’s Move! Active Schools – part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! initiative – and StandUpKids announced a new partnership that will create more Active Schools environments and increase physical education and physical activity opportunities for students across the country. “StandUpKids is delighted to partner with the Let’s Move! Active Schools initiative whose own mission […]

Common Misconceptions about Standing Desks

by: Paul Petrequin The advent and rise of standing desks in offices and schools around the country has been attributed to a desire for a healthier lifestyle in workplace and academia. ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ has become the adage de jour, though the conclusions reached by health experts are nothing to dismiss: Sitting for […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

By: Tracy Jerard In December 2015, scientists published an article in the Sports Medicine journal providing an overview of the research on the use of standing desks in classrooms around the world.  The thirteen studies reviewed were conducted in Australia2, Belgium3, Finland4, Germany3, New Zealand5-7, the United Kingdom2 and the United States8-15. Many of these […]

Children around the world benefit from standup desks

by: Paul Petrequin So you’ve got your standing desk – great! Now what? Whether it’s the ergonomically and hyperbolically engineered wonder desk at your office or the pile of phonebooks and overturned box at home, you’ve gotten out of the death machine designed to kill you and into a better, healthier posture. But don’t let the elevation […]