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A Review of the Scientific Literature on the Use of Stand-up Desks for Children

By: Tracy Jerard To combat the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles, health professionals have developed practices that incorporate movement and ergonomics into daily routines.  One solution is the use of a stand-up desk. The majority of scientific research on stand-up desks has focused on adults in the workplace; however, the prolonged periods of time children spend […]

Ellen Smith’s Journey

by: Guest contributor, Zach Subar Ellen Smith’s journey to incorporating stand up desks into her classroom began in her first grade class, where raised tables provided an ideal platform for short students to stand throughout the day. Smith, a teacher at Greenbrook Elementary School in Streamwood, Ill., floated the idea to her students, and some […]

Have Less Pain & Be More Alert / Productive
– The Case for Standing Desks –

by: Guest contributor, Zach Subar There is no shortage of testimonials that praise standing desks for various reasons. A quick Google search reveals stories from people who report higher productivity levels, a general lack of drowsiness on the job, and relief from pain. But what does academic literature have to say about standing desks? The answer […]

Standup Kids, Donors Choose & You

Friends! Help us reach our goal! Make a contribution to the pilot program at the levels indicated below and receive the following perks* $100: Year long supply of KillCliff (12 cases) – (zero remaining) $200: Kelly will record your outgoing voicemail message – (3 remaining) $500: Dinner at one of celebrity chef Michael Mina’s San Francisco restaurants – (1 remaining) […]

Why Standing Desks Can Solve More Of
Your School’s Problems Than You Think

We have been telling people for 5 years through our work and our organization Mobility WOD that if you want to take yourself seriously as a human being, you can’t sit all the time. For years, we’ve been recommending standing desks to adults. This is part of our practice and it’s a part of what […]