StandUpKids has partnered with the non-profit, the amazing public school crowdfunding organization where people, companies, and foundations can help fund your request.

If you are interested in standing desks for your classroom, please post your request for standing desk on Donors Choose site. They have a straight-forward process for posting and managing projects. Once your project is posted, StandUpKids will work with them to get funding for your project.

Here’s an outline of the steps you’ll need to take to create a project on Donors Choose:

  1. Create an account and your teacher profile
  2. Choose a kids standing desk you like from one of the Donors Choose Preferred Vendors, Amazon Business, Nacso, Quill, School Outfitters, Teachers School Supply, & Staples all offer kids standing desks. If you are looking for a full-classroom of desks (or more than 4-5), you will need to reach out to the vendor directly to get a quote and upload it into your project.
  3. Create A Project – Your project is more likely to get funded IF YOU:
    • Give it a great title
    • Speak from the heart when you describe your project
    • Check your project essay for spelling and grammar
  4. Submit The Project
  5. Email a link to your project to [email protected] to be added to the StandUpKids Giving Page.