Have Less Pain & Be More Alert / Productive
– The Case for Standing Desks –

by: Guest contributor, Zach Subar

There is no shortage of testimonials that praise standing desks for various reasons. A quick Google search reveals stories from people who report higher productivity levels, a general lack of drowsiness on the job, and relief from pain.

But what does academic literature have to say about standing desks? The answer is encouraging. One literature review assessed data from 23 different studies that focused on workers’ benefits from standing and treadmill desks. The review showed that standing at work resulted in more calories being burned throughout the day—anywhere from 4 to 20 more per hour. Standing heart rate also increased, and participants from one study lost weight.

Posture changes also resulted in a decrease in perceived workload in some instances. In addition, people in the studies generally reported that they felt less fatigue, tension, confusion and depression when using a standing desk.

Above all, it seems clear that standing desks become more effective when people use them more often. Comfort with the desk, according to one study, increased when people used them for longer and longer periods of time. Overall, standing desks provided various small benefits that increase both mental and physical health.

More literature is bound to come out as standing desks become more mainstream through initiatives like the one Stand Up Kids is putting together.

The literature review makes note of this, saying that there is a relative lack of peer-reviewed articles that exclusively focus on standing desk benefits.

The more standing desks that exist, the more likely it is that there will be more studies done about their effects. With more standing desks popping up across the country, the environment is fertile for this to happen.

Be on the lookout for even more posts that focus on standing desk literature.