StandUpKids Provides $50K in Grants for Standing Desks To Public Schools

San Francisco, CA: is announcing the 10 schools that are the winners of $5,000 grants for classroom standing desks as part of their partnership with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Active Schools organization. StandUpkids also works in partnership with Stand2Learn, a standing desk company committed to children’s health.

In June 2013, StandUpKids founders Juliet and Kelly Starrett volunteered at their daughters’ school field day. They noticed that many of the kids were overweight and lacked the basic fitness to complete the sack races. The children were noticeably unfit because they simply aren’t moving enough. THEY SIT TOO MUCH.

In the past two years, the foundation has raised more than $200,000. It recently raised an additional $50,000 to fund the program to provide 10 schools with $5,000 grants for standing desks.

“We were simply overwhelmed with applications,” Juliet Starrett says. The desire and need to get children moving are a given, she adds. “Now we need to raise way more money to meet the demand.”

Selecting Stand2Learn as a partner was easy, she notes. Both organizations are dedicated to helping children lead more active, healthier lives. Michele Klumb, the vice president of Stand2Learn, says the company is honored to participate in the partnership,

“Together we can all make a huge impact in the health and wellness of our children. Every step of this ladder to health takes a dedicated team. We are just one rung leading to healthier children.”

Texas A&M researcher Dr. Mark Benden reports that the use of student standing desks:

  • Increases calorie burn rates 17-35%
  • Decreases BMI percentile by 5%
  • Increases student engagement by 15%

The grant winners are:

  • Lauren Banas, 
1st Grade Teacher
    Wilson Elementary School
    Wauwatosa, WI
  • Jenny Derby
    6th Grade
    Miller Creek Middle School
    San Rafael, CA
  • Katie Fune
    5th Grade
    Greenwood Mill Elementary School
    Winchester, VA
  • Darolene Brown & Casey Amann
    High School
    River Valley High School
    Mohave Valley, AZ
  • Megan Fruvellhoff and Katie Malone
    Middle School
    Longs Peak Middle School
    Longmont, CO
  • Dallas Jensen
    Woodland Heights Elementary
    Harrison, AZ
  • Katherine Upham
    5th Grade
    Scottsdale Unified Schools
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • Jennifer Ray
    Alexander Schools,
    Albany, OH
  • Sherri Kemp
    2nd Grade
    Gearing Elementary
    St. Clair, MI

About StandUpKids: The mission of StandUpKids is to get every public school child at a standing desk in 10 years, to combat the epidemic of sedentary lifestyles and inactivity, and to better reflect 21st century education goals. StandUpKids provides education on the health risks associated with sedentary lifestyles and resources on why standing desks create an environment where children can become healthier and more active.